Notes on Prices:

All prices shown are your net costs, less shipping expenses. Our products are sold only by us and are not available from other suppliers; they are wholesale prices and not subject to further discounts. That is to say, we do not maintain a two-tier price structure with discounts available to some, but not all, buyers.

 Our prices are the same without regard to who is the buyer. This is far simpler and more honest, we think, than the  obscure manner of traditional pricing in the lighting business.

These prices are always up to date on our web site. We reserve the right to change prices without notice; however, prices shown at the time of an order placement remain in effect regardless of subsequent change.

Items that might incur an upcharge:

1. Convert any sconce to pin-up (as opposed to the normal hard-wired system) incur an additional $15 per sconce.

2. Custom finishes beyond those shown may incur an additional charge which will be quoted at the time of order.

3. Any Bullseye glass is a minimum $15 upcharge per sconce (more for the larger sconces like the Lara and the pendants). This is due to the higher cost of this glass and a higher than normal failure rate in its execution.

4. Any custom glass not shown as being among our standard glasses will incur a miniumum $10 upcharge.

5. Any bulbs are extra. Normally, you will have no problem finding standard screw base bulbs of the appropriate wattage for the sconce. If you would like halogen or compact fluorescent bulbs, we can provide them at  $10 per bulb.

6. Any non-standard additions to our lamps, including hold-down bolts, non-standard shades, etc. will incur an upcharge which will be quoted at the time of order.

7. Shipping costs are UPS ground rate plus a reasonable charge for packing materials and handling. Should you desire, you may pick up from our studio to avoid these charges. Other shipping options are at your discretion and include Federal Express and US Mail.

8. Any custom fused glass is a $30 upcharge to the base price of the sconce.

9. Custom wiring for any purpose, including non-USA electrical code incurs a $10 upcharge per fixture.